Sunday, September 21, 2008

Adventures in Gardening (many updates)

This post will be mostly in pictures since it's been so long since I updated. It's amazing how much growth there has been.

Here was the light I got from the hardware store (supported in a ghetto fashion on top of two coffee cans).

Strangely, for a week I had various ladybug visitors come by the lettuce beds.

Here is the current state of the windowsill garden.

The parsley I transplanted looks pretty good, although i'm not sure why they are so floppy.

The lettuce is growing like mad. I've been using bloodmeal and liquid seaweed on them and the other plants.

And here is the little bit of salad I harvested from the beds. SO tender and tasty. Sadly, only about three bites worth.

And that is the latest!