Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday was my 30th birthday (I keep on feeling I should be making a bigger deal of this or freaking out or something but I really don't mind being in my 30s at all. In fact I'm looking forward to it) and I had a lovely day full of electronically sent well-wishes and phone calls. One thing that did come via mail was this:

The very nice Bunny got me a new TV! It's funny because she has been the source of all the TVs I've ever owned (ok two so far). The first she gave me when I was moving to Philly. She had gotten it free from one of her friends and passed it on to me. I don't even know what those TVs are called, tubes? It had a thick back. (Look how smart I sound! Thick back!) Anyway, I am completely delighted with my present and finally got around to watching Ponyo last night. It was a beautifully drawn movie, but the story was pretty boring I thought. I didn't think it was one of Miyazaki's best efforts. I still have Firemen's Ball to watch and then I'll be back on track with my Netflix.

For my birthday dinner, I decided to make myself cupcakes (using the recipes from allrecipes for Simple White Cake and Chocolate Frosting) and they turned out exactly the way I hoped. I'm pretty basic when it comes to sweets, and all I wanted was some old school easy-ass cupcakes. And these were it.

Dinner was homemade pizza. Now, I love all kinds of pizza: fancy thin crust pizza, Papa John's pizza, Pizza Hut pizza (which is sort of like pizza but is really it's own thing), New York style pizza, deep dish pizza, etc. But I have a special soft spot for the pizza I make myself in my little cast iron pan. It's taken me a few tries to get it to how I like it, but now it is something I fix fairly often, as you can see from previous blog posts. So after several weeks of not having a kitchen at my disposal, I was very eager to make pizza for my birthday:

Might I say too, what a joy it is to cook in my new kitchen?? I still find myself using small bits of counter at a time because I'm sort of used to being scrunched up, but even still it is more space than I've ever had for cooking before. And I love that I can throw stuff into the dishwasher after instead of facing a giant pile of messy dishes and measuring cups and bowls. Woohoo! So far being 30 is great!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Living Alone

The Bunnies left yesterday before first light (literally) to catch their 6:30 AM flight home. I spent the day doing minor home things (organizing, cleaning, putting things away, snacking, grocery shopping, etc) but also made my first loaf of bread using the bread machine that Ferret and Tortoise bought me as a graduation present. I followed Ferret's Amish White Bread recipe that he adapted from and it turned out fabulous. I wasn't hungry at all when it came out but how could I resist fresh warm bread? Alas, I could not, and ate a slice promptly with a bit of brie.

For breakfast, I had another slice topped with cheesy egg. I'm trying to be good and not waste any food so am being very careful with my food purchases. Had a bowl of peach and a big mug of earl grey tea with milk. I love homemade bread.

And here is a last picture of a Tony cat sleeping peacefully and companionably by my side. This was taken last night but as I look to my right, I see there he is again in the same chair, fast asleep in almost the same way.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Moving to Portland

I moved to Portland officially on Saturday (Sept 4) with Tony in tow. I was a little stressed about he would do on such a long journey so did not have the presence of mind to take any pictures of the trip, but I'm happy to say that he made it just fine and had zero accidents despite being shut up in his carrier for 11+ hours. Incredibly, he didn't make a fuss and even napped on the plane. Because my flight was delayed and Jess's flight was early, there was only a 15 minute difference between our arrivals. I was on the train ahead of hers and ended up meeting her at the station closest to my new place. My new landlady, Kristine, kindly met us at the same stop and she (even more kindly!) dragged my suitcase to the apt. She was already exceeding all kinds of records for kindness to a stranger, but an all-time high was hit when we arrived to the following welcome package:

Please note that there was also a small wheel of brie in the fridge, along with a 6-pack of pomegranate-blueberry spritzer. Jess and I basically survived on these items for the first two days here. She had previously offered up an air mattress and a ride from the airport, but I felt too bad about taking her up on this since we hadn't met yet. Which explains why Jess and I have been sleeping on the extremely hard floors of the bedroom:

I'm hoping this will improve my posture; I'm certainly now very aware of every bone and protrusion I possess in my body. To sum up, so far Portland has been extremely pleasant, I adore my apartment, I adore the new items I bought from Ikea (to be shown after assembly) and am awaiting the arrival of the rest of my stuff. We've been eating at various places around the neighborhood and taking little walks. I think I will really enjoy living here.