Sunday, November 2, 2008

Too many movies to post

I've been watching too many movies to post individually so here is just a laundry list:
  • son of rambow: really sweet and enjoyable. a story about kids and friendship. rate ****
  • the orphanage: this reminded me of 'the others'. as usual, i did a lot of cowering. rate ****
  • pirates of the carribean: at world's end: this was kind of a huge mess. but i had to watch it for completeness. rate **
  • dan in real life: i always like watching juliette binoche. can steve carrell's face get any more hangdog? the dialogue got kind of sappy at parts but it was a nice movie overall. rate ****
  • 1408: so scary! it is an old-school kind of scary, no gore. i probably actually saw 10% of this movie. it was super stressful. rate *****
  • blood simple: i think this was the first coen brothers movie. it was interesting to watch it so soon after watching no country for old men, there are quite a few parallels i think. rate ****
  • the exorcism of emily rose: the story was quite unexpected. i thought it was going to be straight up horror, but it was more legal thriller meets demon possession. i think i enjoyed the legal drama part more than the rest. and i heart laura linney. rate ****
  • it: i've watched this movie a few times now and it still frightens me. but ferret wasn't scared at all. i think you really need to have a fear of clowns to understand. rate *****
I think this sums up all the movies for the last few weeks. If I was really diligent I would also post about Sex and the City and 30 Rock. Looking back on the year, I'm kind of amazed I had so much time to watch movies.