Saturday, April 6, 2013

My PRK Recovery: 3 Months

I stopped posting weekly updates because frankly the change was so incremental.  At this point, I would say that the ghosting has reduced considerably, but in the evening I notice it when I try to read on the computer.  I had my 3 month checkup on Thursday and to my disappointment, I struggled to read the 20/25 line!  They thought my allergies might be affecting my vision (my eyes get very irritated and itchy this time of year) or that they might still be stabilizing.  I'm to return in 2 months.  I think if my vision stabilizes to less than 20/25 I'll definitely get the touch-up surgery done because I can imagine that it might regress further after a year and it'll be free if I do it this year.  Since I have an interview in May, I would not want to be debilitated before then so having that two month checkup before deciding is totally fine by me.  In the meantime, my eyes are definitely great enough for me to function in day to day life and dramatically better than they were pre-surgery.  I have no regrets.

Just a quick note - aside from needing drops right when I get out of bed (I've been using gel drops), my eyes don't feel dry at all for most of the day.  At most, I would need another round of drops in the evening at the end of the day.  When they checked my eyes on Thursday, they also checked for dry spots and didn't see anything.