Monday, September 13, 2010

Living Alone

The Bunnies left yesterday before first light (literally) to catch their 6:30 AM flight home. I spent the day doing minor home things (organizing, cleaning, putting things away, snacking, grocery shopping, etc) but also made my first loaf of bread using the bread machine that Ferret and Tortoise bought me as a graduation present. I followed Ferret's Amish White Bread recipe that he adapted from and it turned out fabulous. I wasn't hungry at all when it came out but how could I resist fresh warm bread? Alas, I could not, and ate a slice promptly with a bit of brie.

For breakfast, I had another slice topped with cheesy egg. I'm trying to be good and not waste any food so am being very careful with my food purchases. Had a bowl of peach and a big mug of earl grey tea with milk. I love homemade bread.

And here is a last picture of a Tony cat sleeping peacefully and companionably by my side. This was taken last night but as I look to my right, I see there he is again in the same chair, fast asleep in almost the same way.

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  1. YUM. i need to make some bread too. tony is so cute...