Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Asparagus with Sweet Mayonnaise

This simple dish is without a doubt one of my favorites in the world. Whenever I am craving a veggie or wishing for a snack this will not fail to satisfy. "Recipe" is as follows:

Take one entire bunch of asparagus and snap off the tough ends. Bring some water to boil in the frying pan and toss them in (water should be just deep enough to barely cover asparagus). After the water comes to a boil again, stab a stray unlucky asparagus with a fork to test for tenderness. Urgently fish them out with a pair of tongs lest they overcook. In the meantime, scoop a dollop of mayonnaise from the jar and mix with some white sugar (eyeball). Taste and add more sugar or mayonnaise until it tastes right. Enjoy while piping hot! Likely will not use all of the mayonnaise mix.

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