Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bourne Ulitmatum

This movie kicked ass! I really liked the Bourne Identity when I first watched it many years ago but had been disappointed by the recent Bourne Supremacy. Mostly because:

1. The killing off of Franka Potente (I love her).
2. The interminably long and boring car chase.
3. The sudden ending of the movie.

However, the Bourne Ulimatum got everything back on track again: tying up the loose ends, pushing the story to its logical conclusion and lots of super-amazing hand combat and chases. Sadly, Julia Stiles had to make her obligatory appearance. For a while, I was really concerned that a romantic sub-plot was developing, but fear not fellow Moonface-dislikers, this did not occur. One last thing - I liked the way the story of this third installment was organized to fit snugly into the second (it'll make sense when you watch it). Rate *****

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