Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brownie Delicioso

GAWD!! So I had been craving brownies ever since I ate the last one SS made (see my sprained ankle post). For an entire week I fought brownie urges and tried to satisfy the craving with little fun sized Snickers but I couldn't fool myself, I wanted brownies and only brownies. Saturday was the first day I could hobble around a bit and I ecstatically hobbled to TJ, with Ferret's assistance. I imagine it was the way a convict who had been sentenced for life and was later freed after 30 years of prison (exoneration via DNA evidence) might have felt. Except I had only been incarcerated for a week, and spent the whole week in my apartment with Mr. Tony, napping and eating nachos and watching SATC. Anyway, I forgot to buy brownie mix on Saturday and the craving just got stronger. So today I basically sprinted/hobbled to TJ directly after work and got a box of my favorite stuff. Mixing was fairly straightforward but I ran into a bit of trouble when I went to locate my cake pan. Of course!! Exactly one week and two days ago, Bee took away cake pan and mixer and baking sheets and I fell down the stairs. Fortunately, he kindly left two Pyrex baking pans and I harnessed all of my engineering skills and hastily created a ghetto tinfoil barricade to form the correct-sized brownie vehicle. I'm sitting here now, tummy distended with brownie and whole milk, feeling like a million bucks. :o)O=

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