Friday, June 6, 2008

On Clones...

I've been too busy to post anything recently but I had an amusing interaction today so I figured I'd share:

This morning I went to drop off my rent checks to my real estate manager and got sucked into a bizarre conversation that spiraled wildly out of control and out of reality. It started very tamely, he asked how things were going. Next time, I will answer that things were busy with school and leave it at that. Today though, I made the mistake of answering, "oh I've been very busy in the lab." And this naturally prompted the question of what I work on. So I told him I was working with stem cells and trying to grow tissue. Most people would leave it at that or wish me luck or something, but instead he started talking about horses that were being cloned in britain and then how he felt it was wrong that people clones might be farmed and killed for their organs. I was appalled and said of course that would be completely wrong! But he was not listening to me and started talking about how he didn't know if his clone would share his memories; he wasn't sure, but he thought his memories left imprints in his brain and if he was cloned his clone might know those things. I stopped speaking at this point because I had no idea what to say. I really wanted to leave because I had to get to school for lab meeting but he kept on talking and each sentence became weirder. I hope this is not how the general public understands genetics.

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  1. hahahaha omg i would have PAID to witness the look on your face during this