Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adventures in Gardening (puffed with pride)

Yesterday morning I had to leave for work before 7am to start an experiment. I inspected the plants; all seemed to be doing well although there was no sign of the lettuce yet. I touched the soil and it seemed a bit dry on the surface so I gave it a good drink of water (it's nice when you know there are drainage holes) and went off to work. After lab happy hour, I wandered home and there they were! several tiny green sprouts sitting in my strawberry container! I wish I had been home to see them come out but I'm so thrilled they did. They still look good this morning so I think I am providing adequate air circulation plus moisture plus drainage this time. If only my camera was able to take pictures of the tiny things without coming out all fuzzy. Ferret swears there is some setting on my camera I should be able to use to take closeup pictures but I have yet to find it.

This morning I saw another strawberry container outside in the trash pile when I was tossing my own garbage and seriously contemplated taking it in with me. But the saner side of me won out; plus, I recalled I have my own box of strawberries sitting in the fridge, soon to be eaten....

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