Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pizza Bianca (except not)

This was the first recipe I tried from Cook's Illustrated (not counting the French Potato Salad because I borrowed that issue from Pug). Poodle got me a subscription as more thanks for wedding activities and I have been enjoying them very much. This recipe was pretty easy and would have been easier if I owned a stand mixer. As it was, I just kneaded it vigorously with a rice paddle and hoped for the best. It's probably the best texture and flavor I've ever gotten from homemade pizza so I was quite pleased. In Cook's, they gave a variation using canned tomatoes and mozarella as toppings so that's what I tried. In my second attempt (pictures posted here), I added some handfuls of chopped parsley as well and that was fantastic.

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  1. mmmm looks delicious! post the recipe dammit