Sunday, August 10, 2008


I learned how to make samosas a few weeks ago from a friend. Watching him, it didn't seem so hard but when I set out to do it myself I started running into all kinds of problems. However, while my samosas might not be as good as his, they are still pretty darn good. I made 17 little samosas and have already eaten 2...

First I made the filling with potato, cauliflower and peas and lots of spices:

I think my filling could have benefited from a non-stick pan because early on I started having issues with the potatoes sticking. And then I wasn't able to cook the cauliflower as long as I probably should have because I was worried about the sticking.

While the filling was cooking I started making the wrapper dough using flour, oil and water:

Then each ball was rolled out and cut into two wrappers. I was basically really terrible at this part. You are supposed to make an elongated oval and cut that in half, but I had a hard time making good shapes. Oh well:

Then it was time to fill samosas. Since my wrapper shapes were a little suboptimal, it was hard to seal the edges but I managed by stretching out the dough in places and maybe patching here and there when necessary. In any case, the samosas looked pretty cute at the end:

And after that, it was time to fry up in oil and eat! I didn't have tamarind paste so I couldn't make chutney, but I hope to pick some up next weekend. This samosa was pretty tasty dipped in a little chili garlic sauce:

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  1. oooo looks delicous! let's make indian food when i come visit in sept!