Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too many movies to post (Part II)

Ok I promise that after this batch of movies I will be better about keeping my movie posts up to date.  Fortunately, the movie watching had slowed down a bit because Ferret and I started watching Dexter (man that is an INSANE series, love it!).  So, onward:

sex and the city: I enjoyed this movie, but not as much as I had been enjoying the series.  The part with Big ditching her at their wedding was really sad, but I didn't like how at the end she concluded that she was as much to blame as he was.  No she was not.  The man is an adult, the least he could do was show up at the wedding.  Idiot.  However, it ends happily for all and I had a fun time watching it.  I guess the problem I had with it was that it wasn't as funny as the series was.  And oh god, Jennifer Hudson was horrible.  Scenes with her were pure torture.  Rate ***

ironman: YAYAYAYAY!!!  This movie was so awesome I couldn't contain myself when it ended.  I don't know whether it was the dialogue, the characters the acting the action or what but I had the best time watching this movie.  And I had never heard of the Ironman comic character before this movie.  Maybe that's why I had no expectations?  I don't know.  But Robert Downey Jr was so completely amazing as Tony Stark.  I loved this movie.  Rate *****

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: So after watching Ironman I was on a total RD Jr high so Ferret was finally able to get me to watch this movie.  He had already seen it a million times but still happily watched next to me while simultaneously assembling a computer.  At first I didn't think I would like it because there was a lot of breaking of the fourth wall and too winking (we all know it's a movie and it's all fake, wink wink) for my taste.  But then the plot got rolling and it was still a RD Jr movie AND there was val kilmer who was really fun to watch as the gay private eye so I ended up thoroughly enjoying it.  The plot was intricate and snappy (a girl is killed, whodunnit?) and no one ever took themselves too seriously.  I was grateful there were not any fancy sped up camera moves, I was a little afraid it would be that kind of movie at first.  I recommend this to anyone who enjoys having a good time.  Rate ****

hello dolly: I've never been the greatest Barbra Streisand fan or anything but I ended up watching this movie because I was home for the holidays and bored.  It was my first week at home and I had nothing to do.  Watched this on Netflix's instant watching program and it was pretty pleasant.  I remember going to see the local troupe perform this musical a long time ago with my friend Kara and so there was also a nostalgic element to it.  I never thought Barbra Streisand was particularly good-looking, but I thought she was very pretty in this movie and her voice was great.  Rate ****

when harry met sally: So I've only ever seen bits and pieces of this movie and didn't think it was all that.  Somehow though, when seen continuously through, the movie became super great.  I dunno what it was.  The dialogue was quick and Meg Ryan is so darn cute and it was funny.  I have never ever ever thought Billy Crystal was remotely attractive, but in this movie, he somehow was.  Go figure.  Despite me liking this movie, I still think Sleepless in Seattle is one of the most retarded movies ever.  By the way, this was another movie I watched at home over the holiday and during the fake orgasm in a deli scene I had to fast forward to not alarm my mother who was sitting near me at the time.  Rate *****

the incredible hulk, version 2: I had very low expectations for this movie prior to watching.  I think because I had seen a preview for it and it looked incredibly blah and generic and the NYT review for it wasn't spectacular either.  Therefore I was pleasantly surprised to find myself entertained.  It was no Ironman, but it really wasn't that bad either.  I've always been extremely fond of Edward Norton and the scenes with him dashing all over Brazil were exciting.  I wish the Hulk himself wasn't so dumbass primitive.  It's hard to be interesting when you are a green Neanderthal cartoon.  One more thing, Liv Tyler is crazy good to look at.  Her face is really classic.  Rate ***

the strangers: I am not going to waste too many words on this retarded movie.  Gawd.  Basically the main characters were colossally stupid.  You have two people (with one gun) and three people (armed with knives) and somehow the three people overpower the two people with the gun and win.  Liv Tyler's good looks couldn't save her in this movie because you just couldn't figure out how someone could be SO ridiculously dumb.  I watched this entire movie with the Bunnies in San Diego mostly because we all wanted to find out who these strangers were and why they were out to get these two dumbasses.  Guess what, you don't find out.  I've just saved you a couple of hours of your life.  Rate * (I want to rate this negative stars)

the bank job: I almost forgot about this movie, mostly because this movie was pretty forgettable.  I was entertained while watching it but I can barely remember what it was about.  Let's see, Jason Statham was in it.  He and some people break into a bank vault to steal loot, but the British government was secretly behind the break-in because they wanted to get an incriminating photo.  And then there were some bad guys who also had some stuff stolen.  Yep.  Rate ***

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  1. ACK two hours of my life wasted on the strangers....WASTED!!!