Thursday, January 1, 2009

Adventures in Gardening (Parsley)

Parsley has been one of the easiest things to grow. They took longer to germinate than the other plants but once they got going they were hardy and grow well. I'm not sure if mine are too leggy but when you buy them from the store they have long stems so perhaps that is what they ought to be. The leaves of mine are always very large, I do wish there were more leaves. However, they have been growing very well and I especially enjoy using these as parsley is a pleasant addition to any dish. As with the chives, I wish I had not decided to crowd the plants. I have one parsley in one coffee can and THREE! plants in another coffee can. Parsley is supposed to be only good for a year before the leaves start tasting bad so I think I will start another pot or two in the spring. I have to see about building another shelf on my windowsill to accomodate my beauties.

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