Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is my first reference book on gardening.  I chose it based on the excellent reviews on various blogs and amazon.  Apparently most gardening books out there assume you have a plot of land outside to toil in; this book is great because it guides you toward plants that will succeed in containers and gives you tips specific to container gardening.  In addition, it focuses a lot on edible plants and as that is my primary interest (although I'm starting to cast longing eyes at the little rose plants TJ is selling), I found this book especially useful.

Since I was starting with very little basic knowledge, this book also educated me on the basics of soil and fertilizing and watering etc.  I would recommend this book to beginners anywhere (especially those who lack space and live in small apartments).  Rate *****

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  1. i will borrow it from you when we one day have a garden to grow plants in