Monday, February 16, 2009

Fallen Bread and Crumbs

It's been a while since I posted anything about food, not because I haven't been making any, but because my food photos generated many derisive comments from Bunny. I can't really fault Bunny though because her photographs look professional, but the girl needs to cut me some slack! I don't even own photoshop. But since one of my new year's resolutions is to cook two new things a month, the food blogging must resume. (And I confess, the lack of food posts was also due to laziness on my part).

I am not sure when I generated the sad loaf pictured above; it may have been before I left for Bunny's wedding. In any case, I left the dough to rise too long (I think I had wandered over to Ferret's house to watch a movie) and when I came home the dough had caved in completely. I popped it into the oven anyway, hoping that the hot air might puff it back out again, but sadly no. This loaf came out pretty inedible but I couldn't bear to toss it so it sat in my bread tin for another week. Finally, I was inspired by Mark Bittman to convert sad loaf into homemade bread crumbs and it was fantastic. Basically, I scooped out the crumbs from the very hard shell and crumbled them in a baking sheet. Toasted the sheet in the oven until quite dry and then stored in a jar. They came in handy recently when I made Martha Stewart's mac n cheese last week. I would make a post on that, but I've already eaten the majority of it and there really isn't much left to post. Let me just say that both breadcrumbs and mac n cheese were superb.
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