Sunday, January 3, 2010

Burnt Sugar Cake

Oh man. So I've been on vacation all week (minus the couple of times I had to dash into lab to take care of a timepoint, my cells and a paper I'm reviewing) and enjoyed myself thoroughly. As my final vacation act, I decided to bake a cake. This is one of my favorite cakes because texture-wise it's great, flavor-wise it is perfect: not too sweet but not bland somehow. The recipe is out of Joy of Cooking. Now, even if I was a better photographer, this cake wouldn't really look like much because I like to bake it in a single layer and I eschew all frosting. It's not the simplest cake to make (for me), because first you have to make some caramel-ish thing on the stove and then you have to separate eggs and beat egg whites. I'm kind of lazy so I usually prep everything, beat the egg whites and then beat my butter and sugar and hope the egg whites will still be fluffy when I finally use them. They always flatten out a bit, but it's worth not having to wash my beaters in between steps. Lazy lazy, oh well. Whenever I've made this, I've cut the sugar by 1/4 cup and the time by 5 minutes. And if you will excuse me, I think it's cooled enough to eat!
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  1. i need to try this. you know you could still make a good picture by cutting a little square and doing a close up. put a slice of orange or something. sheesh. put some effort into it woman!