Friday, January 21, 2011

A Friday Night at Home

After being hit by a tremendous headache I decided to peace out of work earlier than usual (5pm) and make my way home.  This turned out to be a huge mistake because while catching the bus was easy, wending down the hill was not.  I'm not sure if all that traffic was typical but I made a mental note never to leave at 5 ever again.  I kind of have no patience for traffic.

Walking into my apt brought an immediate alleviation of headache and the feeling of being pain-free was soon augmented by the purring feeling of being full (see previous post about pizza).  I then sunk into my bathtub for a soak in criminally hot water (with liberal sprinklings of homemade lavender bath salts), doused myself in lotion and flopped on the bed for a while to be vegetable-like.  One note about my bathtub: while it's nice to be able to stretch out, I think I would actually prefer a smaller, but deeper tub.  I want to sit in it with my knees folded up and water to my chin.  Do they make bathtubs like this?

After coming out of my coma, I browsed through my recipe books and decided on the honey cake from Joy of Cooking.  Mostly because it was the only cake recipe I had all ingredients for.  My plan to make the Japanese kasutera cake was foiled by a lack of milk in the house.  Anyway, cake was mixed and baked and is supposedly now cooling but hungry me decided to remove two wedges and enjoyed them vastly with a mug of tea and the man repeller.  All is well in the world...

The rest of the evening will be spent with MFK while waiting for the laundry to dry.  It's certainly nice to be home.  


  1. oh man, how did the cake turn out???

  2. delicious! i've been eating a piece morning and night...