Friday, January 7, 2011

A Manly Dinner for a Girlish Monkey

Sometimes (not often) a girl just wants a nice steak.  This is easily done when said girl has a shit ton of beef stored away in her freezer from the pre-Christmas sale at Safeway.  I'm trying to eat out of my pantry and freezer whenever I can, because what's the point of buying food and never eating it?  Visiting my mom always brings this truth to the forefront of my mind so I'm planning meals around basic things I already have.  Fortunately, I buy what I like so this has not been too hard.  Dinner tonight was a quick affair (once the meat was thawed): steak with some kosher salt and crushed black pepper pressed against the sides before searing and a little white potato mashed with milk and mixed with petite peas.  Some wine in my french cow glass (meumeu, a gift from Mr and Mrs Tort)

Note: For the longest time I couldn't stand to eat peas; I'm sure some kind of traumatic childhood memory was the underlying cause of this, but it's been too long for me to remember the details.  Ferret brought me back to peas because he was forever cooking up a little dish of them to go with his main entrees.  He always bought the petite pois from TJ and I realized that these snappy tasty spheres were a far cry from the mushy vaguely metallic green horrors of my distant memories.  In any case, tonight's meal is one that Ferret would appreciate, so in honor of Ferret and peas here is a picture of my tasty, manly din:

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  1. mmm my mouth is watering for a big fat steak. i wish you were here to feed me.