Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meals Here and There

It is NEVER a bad thing when one meal spills over into the next day. Unless of course, the original meal was gross in which case, I recommend you just toss it and start fresh the next night. Of course if pennies are being pinched, you might have to eat it, gross or no, but in general it seems to me a waste of calories to eat something you dislike. So here we've got meal #1: a lamb chop (rescued from the bargain bin at Safeway for 50% off) pan-fried and generously sprinkled with lemon juice. A decadent mashed potato with lots of butter and (finally!) enough salt. And my favorite winter vegetable, little brussel sprouts, cooked in olive oil. And the glass o wine just goes without saying.

Meal #2 fortunately coincided with a night I wasn't feeling super hungry. So leftover brussel sprouts got heated up with leftover mashed potes and since I love love love chickpeas, I threw some of those in for good measure. This was actually completely delicious and may constitute a main meal in the future.

Last Sunday, I finally committed to making lasagna and decided to try out Pioneer Woman's "Best Lasagna Ever." I wish I could say it lived up to its name, but alas. It was perfectly fine, but honest nothing to write home about. I wouldn't even rank it at top 10. But maybe I am not a super big lasagna fan or something? In any case, this used up all the mozzarella cheese I had lingering around the freezer and generated plenty of lunches for the week. There was actually about a third of it left over but I couldn't face any more lasagna so it's peacefully sleeping in the freezer until some not too far off future time. I'm a haphazard photographer at best, so instead of getting a beautiful picture of the final product, you get a half-assed shot of the process midway. Here I am layering the damn thing:

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  1. oh wow, you made lasagna?? we'll have to make a diff recipe when i come visit!