Thursday, February 24, 2011

Portland Snow

The people in Portland are really funny about the snow. Once snow is predicted for the area it's all anyone can talk about. It would make sense if this was Boston, but the "snow" we get here is mostly the non-sticking variety and the little that manages to stick is hardly enough to inconvenience a rabbit. But for days people will mull over whether to come in to work or not, whether to drive or not and the public transportation system will start posting alerts on alternative routes etc. Having lived on the East Coast for a number of years this all amuses me, but since I really enjoy talking about the weather with other people I'm an active participant in all of this discussion. It makes me happy and has generated lots of elevator exchanges with random folk, I like that. Above you can see what it looked like this morning from my house; while there is still snow coming down, that thin layer has melted already.

(Note: my only worry is that the MAX rail will be frozen to the tracks again tomorrow morning. This happened the last time I had to go to the airport and created tremendous amounts of stress. I'll be leaving preemptively early but I really hope it doesn't happen!)
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