Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taking Care of Pets

The sun was out this weekend and since this is not something you can take for granted in winter Portland I made excuses to be outside to take full advantage.  My first task was to drop things off at the goodwill.  I had a whole foods paper bag occupying space in my living room for months now and I had been gradually adding things in or pulling things out.  Things finally reached some kind of equilibrium so yesterday was the perfect day to drop it off.  Goodwill was a lot of fun overall because things were sort of hapharzardly thrown on the shelves and it was amusing to poke through the different items and dream up possible uses for the stuff.  In the end, I only came away with a perfect little bowl ($2) for Tony's food.

I'm not sure how Tony feels about it yet, but I for one, am totally sold.  I also saw a little pet shop and decided to pop in on a whim to see if they had any fish things.  Over the last few weeks, the difference in size between Manuelo and Javier has grown even more marked and I wasn't sure how I could help Manuelo get a little bigger.  I ended up getting him a bottle of new food and something to condition his water, in case the Brita filtered water wasn't good enough.  And I've started setting him by the window sometimes so he can have a bit of sun.

And then I popped into Fred Meyers for the first time and was impressed by the vastness of the store.  I'm not sure it'll be my regular grocery store since it's a tad far, but it might be a nice excuse to go on a walk from time to time.  I picked up a bag of oranges and some strawberries.  Winter strawberries make me feel guilty but they smelled like the meadow and were on sale so I had to get a box.  I also got a bag of potting mix so I can start planting seeds when I return from Israel.  I'm a little concerned that the fruit flies might mess with my seedlings though so not quite sure what to do about that...


  1. aww the cat bowl is so cute. wait, did you get two fish?? i didn't realize javier was a new addition!

  2. javier is at work and manuelo is at home. axolotls are technically salamanders, not fish...