Saturday, April 16, 2011

Portland Farmer's Market at PSU

I think this might be a weekly post from now on because I so enjoy buying things from the Farmer's Market.  It's one of the highlights of my week.  The produce this week is much the same as last, still heavy on the winter greens and no fruit to be seen other than Anjou pears and apples.  But that's all right because I found everything to be quite delicious last week.  So what was my haul?

Spring Raab: $2.50
Turnip Raab: $2.50
Shiitake Mushrooms (in bag, a few taken out to see): $5
Venison Pate: $5
Havarti Cheese: $3.50
Kale: $2.25
Red Anjou Pears and Fuji Apples: $3.20
Leek: $1.50
Purple Kale: $2.50

Total: $27.95

I think things were under control until I passed the mushroom stand and all of a sudden I imagined eating sauteed mushrooms (maybe with a bit of balsamic vinegar) atop a slice of homemade bread.  That kind of did me in.  You can see that my one protein per trip rule was violated too...