Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strawberry Plant

One of the first things I do every morning when I wake up is to race over to my living room and pull up the blinds.  I kneel down by my french doors and press my face to the glass to inspect the plants.  If it's not raining for once, or freezing, I'll open the doors and inspect everything happily while simultaneously shooing Tony with one hand so he doesn't run out to the balcony (I have an understandable fear of Tony plunging to his death).  

It's amazing how much things change from day to day.  This cool weather is still favoring the lettuces, but I've learned my lesson (again) about plant crowding.  When I compare my radishes to the lettuces, the difference in size is really striking; I think it's because the radishes have more space.  I can't wait to pull the radishes when I get back from San Diego.  Can there really be a little radish there after so short a time?  I'm half-heartedly thinning the lettuces a little, but I hate killing the little ones I planted by seed.  Next year, I will sow one seed at a time, no matter how laborious, instead of sprinkling.

Out of three strawberry plants, I have one that brings me excessive amounts of joy.  It's been making little white flowers and the look of the flowers among all the green would bring delight to any heart.  I'd like to have some strawberries this year, but even if that doesn't happen, the little plants would still have been well worth it.  Meanwhile, no sign of flowers from the nasturtiums yet, although they are setting forth masses of leaves.


  1. cute flower!! i hope you get some baby strawberries soonc

  2. So pretty! I'm envious of your green thumb:-)