Monday, August 1, 2011

Dinner Party

If blogging was my job, I'd probably be fired because those three pictures you see above are the only pictures I took of my dinner party Saturday night. And you don't even have to look too closely to tell that the middle photo is quite blurry. However, it doesn't matter because I had a great time. This was the first time I entertained non-family members in my apartment and I'm happy to say it was a success. While the timing of the party was a bit bad, because my fellowship application is due in three days (why am I blogging???), I didn't regret taking a break from writing at all. I spent much of the day cooking and cleaning, aside from a small trip to lab. Because my guests included 4 active and hungry people, I decided to err on the side of  meat and potato rather than  veggies. 

White rice
Salad, brought by SO
Tofu dipped in wing sauce, brought by SO
Mango and Pistachio ice creams
Cherries, brought by SO

*This was the first time I made the potatoes and I think I made several mistakes. While the flavor was good, it turned out a little more mashed than it was supposed to be. Next time I will use Yukon gold or white potatoes instead of russets, and not cut the pieces quite so small. Definitely a dish worth repeating though.

I love my current kitchen because it's quite easy to socialize with guests while still cooking and getting things ready. It makes for a more relaxing experience for me I think. After dinner we had ice cream and cherries, served in actual bowls and not in sake cups as depicted in the picture. We then played ridiculous 80s music videos for the rest of the night and had a fun drunk time. 

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  1. yum, this sounds delicious (even though your three measly pictures i'm sure don't do it justice).

    can't wait for you to visit and cook for me hehe.