Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Morning Bustle

It's always easier for me to wake up early in the summer than the winter, which makes sense.  This morning I slipped out of bed at 6:30 so I could attend my 7:15 bar method class.  It was actually quite nice to get it out of the way a bit earlier than usual, I feel like I have all the time in the world this morning.  This afternoon, I'm off to the coast and won't be back again until Friday evening. I hope it doesn't rain, but even if it does it will be pleasant since I will have good company, a good book and a change of scene.  

The picture above was really from about two weeks ago, when I made my last Farmer's Market run.  I've never seen basil so fresh.  Usually by the time I get them from the grocery store they are sort of limp and lifeless.  These guys were so dark green and perky, I just plopped them into a glass of water and they remained gorgeous all week.  Whenever I needed some I would just lift a few branches from the glass.  The bonus of course was how lovely they looked and smelled on my counter.  The least rustle of leaves would generate wafts of fresh basil fragrance.  Can't wait to replenish my supply this Saturday!

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