Thursday, January 24, 2013

My PRK Recovery: Week Three

Today marks three weeks since I had PRK surgery and I wish I had more progress to report.  If there were any improvements this last week, they were so incremental that I cannot tell.  Generally speaking, my eyes feel fine but I still have ghosting, which makes everything feel just slightly out of focus and reading on the computer is a little weird.  Not sure if I mentioned this before, but unlike some of the other PRK accounts I read, I've never had any issues with my night vision.  No halos or smudging or anything.  Night looks much as it always looked when I had glasses.  Ghosting seems to be my main issue.  I try to put drops in my eyes when I remember, but I think dryness must not be a problem for me because I frequently forget to.  In the mornings I always have to put some in but once I'm out and about, they don't feel dry for long periods of time.  I've returned to Bar Method and it's great to be able to go through class without my glasses getting in the way all the time.  Right now, I'm just trying to be patient and let my eyes heal on their own schedule.  Overall I'm still very happy I had this surgery, because not having to worry about contacts or glasses is a real pleasure, even with ghosting.

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  1. yay!! i'm so glad you dont have to wear contacts or glasses anymore. such a pain in the butt. im sure it's getting better each day. hang in there!