Monday, January 14, 2008

Tablecloth --> Curtain

This Saturday I rearranged a bit of furniture (pushed bed and nightstand over) so I could move my keyboard from the living room underneath the windowsill (a prime launching and sight-seeing spot for Tony) to my bedroom between closet and bed (a spot Tony would not be caught dead in). And when I did so, I admired how pretty the keyboard looked without the red Ikea tablecloth draped over it and resolved at once to leave the cloth off and remember to dust often. And then my eye moved over to the window which was hideous and covered by 1000 year old black dusty grimey blinds (impossible to clean, I really have tried) and suddenly, 2+2=4. Within seconds I was speculatively holding up folded tablecloth over the window and within minutes I had all of my safety pins out and was making a loop in the fabric (nothing permanent in case I wanted my tablecloth back with few holes). And 15 minutes later I was back from a trip to the hardware store (on the corner of Pine and 20th, home to one very large but pleasant dog and presided over by tattooed and large and nice punk men) with a set of curtain rods. And then came the swearing and banging of hammer and fists and screwdrivers and head as I took down the blinds somehow, and screwed in the hooks to hold up rod (executed as my mother taught me: before attempting to screw anything into walls, one should first make a starter hole by hammering in a small nail halfway and pulling it out). And then the curtain was up and my house is just a little bit more livable than it was before.

Note: The penguin to the left is an Adorable Humidifier. It really does say that on the box.

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  1. hahahah i dunno why but i found this post so funny. particularly the Adorable Humidifier. curtain looks great! i remember how heinous that window was...