Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've been to this restaurant twice now and I really really wish I liked it more. The first time I got the chicken katsu-don (in the rice bowl section) and tonight I got the chicken and egg bibimbop. The chicken katsu-don was less than mediocre and the bibimbop really wasn't like any I've ever had; as far as taste goes, I'd put it at average. Ferret's bento box (spicy beef and chicken) was actually quite tasty and came with a little salad with a nice gingery dressing and some edamame and one gyoza (why just one? they couldn't put two in?). I spotted a pork and kimchee seasonal offering so I have to try it. Perhaps third time will be the charm? Otherwise I will just go for the spicy beef and chicken bento should I ever go again... Rate **

(Just a note. If it was cheaper or if the portions were more ample I would be far more inclined to like this place. As it is, I am always vaguely still hungry after.)

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