Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Animal to English Translations

AFB: Amish Friendship Bread
BO: Blood Orange
STD: Sweet Tasty Delicious, used to refer to anything befitting those adjectives
Example usage:
Billy - I've got an STD in my mouth.
Jane - Oh yeah? What kind?
SS: (1) Secret Science (2) Sunday School
Bsand: Breakfast sandwich
DB: douchebag
Decorative ABC: Decorative already been chewed gum

COF it: To get coffee
CAF it: To get food from the cafeteria
GAG it: To run the GAG assay
OHP it: (pronounced as if there is phlegm in your throat) To run the OHP assay
Sciencing: Work on science
Abstracting: Work on abstract
Papering: Work on paper

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