Monday, March 31, 2008

Prawn Crackers

I only allow myself to make these once or twice a year but whenever I have them they are so insanely good. The texture is like snappy styrofoam (that doesn't sound good but it really is) and the flavor is vaguely shrimpy (ok that doesn't sound good either but for serious now, it is). The only bad thing is my whole house smells disgusting for 24 hours. That's the real reason I can't make them too often. It's true I'm watching my girlish figure these days but it's still close enough to girlish that I would eat these a lot more often if my house didn't reek post frying.

Prawn Crackers

One package of prawn crackers from your neighborhood Asian store
A bunch of vegetable oil in a little pot

Heat oil, add a drop of water to check the temperature. If the drop dances, break off a little piece of chip and drop it in. This is your test cracker. You'll probably have to go through a few crackers before the oil is hot enough for you to start frying the big pieces. When the hard little chip starts to poof out and float to the top, quickly snag it with a pair of tongs and move it to a plate. When the oil gets hot this will happen almost instantly after you drop in a chip. Move fast! And be careful of the oil. Make a giant pile and don't share.

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  1. at first glance, this looked like a large mound of raw chicken breasts. then i realized what they were and my mouth started watering. i haven't had these in so long!!! mmmm