Monday, March 31, 2008

Under Siege

I was already having a really good sunday. I had eaten a pleasant breakfast and gone to TJ's. I had SS'd with NN and SS and had enjoyed a glass of wine (Cabernet Blend "Picada," Neuquén, '06) and a glass of beer (De Ranke XX Bitter) and many bits of cheese (Don Juan Aged Manchego). After that, I had drunkenly baked a loaf of bread, taken a peaceful nap and started the makings of a pizza dough. And then, Tortoise IM'd me excitedly with the news that Under Siege was on TBS. With that bit of news, my day went from great to awesome. Under Siege is beyond a doubt the best movie ever made. It is hilarious from beginning to end. I could make no sense of the plot: missiles were being shot by bad guys from the ship, by good guys from the ship, by good guys toward the ship, basically by everyone in all directions. Whenever one needed a blow torch or a hammer or whatever, there was one luckily nearby. None of the prisoners were being guarded, in fact, none of the weapons were being guarded either, and at the slightest drizzle of water, SAILORS start passing out. "Welcome to the revolution." Rate ***** (awesome meter)

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  1. i love under seige. its so funny how quickly and easily he dispatches every enemy on the ship.