Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another cushion to round things out

All week I would look at my sofa and think there was something missing and I finally realized it needed a spot of bright color somewhere.  I like my colors to be neutral and serene for the most part, but touches of something red are a must for me to feel happy.  Fortunately, I'd acquired some rosy fabric from Joann's when I was in San Diego over Christmas and it was just the thing.  I thought I had enough fabric to make two covers, but alas there was only enough for one.  In the end, I think that's ok because two might have been too many for one sofa.

I also acquired an ugly end table from the sidewalk yesterday.  I only dragged it home because 1) I needed an end table and 2) I needed one that was narrow enough for the space between sofa and window.  My lamp had been sitting on the windowsill since I moved in and it's nice to have it on another surface so I can close my blinds.  I have to sort through my available fabrics to find something to cover over it, until then, no photographs!
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