Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ferret-Made Gifts

Last night I came home a little out of sorts because I was sporting a headache and a heavy feeling in my limbs.  Was it the onset of a cold?  I shuffled into my building and checked the mail as usual and found a little box for me!  The present was from Ferret and receiving it lifted my mood immediately so that it was with the most cheerful feelings that I entered my apartment.

Inside the box I discovered several little soaps for me to try.  He sent me lavender, mocha, black vanilla, citrus, grapefruit, sleepytime and wake up rosemary.  I don't actually know which is which because they were not labeled, the two black ones are supposed to be mocha and black vanilla though.  And last night I used the wake up rosemary and enjoyed it immensely.  I love getting presents!


  1. dasnice. i have some saponier ferret products in storage in beantown. im looking forward to using them upon my return. but he warned me there is a small chance that saponier ferret products can make your skin fall off.