Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Wall Decorations - Fat Red Bird

I'm really pleased with how my sofa wall is progressing.  Yesterday I added two more pieces, a knitted blue fabric in white frame and a painting of a fat red bird.  I'd been knitting that piece off and on; it came together very quickly.  I left the plastic cover off the frame so you can touch the fabric if you wanted to.  It is all about the texture.

Because this turned out so well, I was immediately inspired to make another piece for the wall.  Hauling out my long forgotten painting supplies, I decided that a spot of red on the wall was in order.  And so, very carefully, I painted out a fat red bird.

I really love this bird, it turned out exactly the way I imagined (which never happens).  I think the wall is getting close to done; I don't want to overcrowd it with things.  Maybe two or three more touches is all it really needs now.


  1. you're quite good at paint. i wish i tuscan countryside didnt really come out.

  2. OMG just lovely! Can't wait to see it in person. xox