Saturday, April 9, 2011

Portland Farmer's Market at PSU

Since I knew that things could rapidly get out of hand at the farmer's market, I decided to limit myself to $20 spending monies and see how things go.  I have a feeling with time this limit is going to gradually go up, but since the really tasty summer produce is not out yet (tomatoes, strawberries, etc), I felt safe with $20.  And as it turns out, $20 is more than enough to collect a pile of tasty things.

Leek: $1.50
Red Wattle Pork Pate with Prunes and Shallots: $5
Kale Raab?: $2.50
Potatoes: $2
Chard: $2.25
Red Anjou Pears: $1.40
Steelcut Oats: $3.50

Total: $18.15

I was super tempted by the mushroom stand, but I really had nothing in mind for them so they will have to wait another day.  I think I will limit myself to one protein each trip (proteins are pricey!) so this week it is pate and perhaps next week will be cheese or eggs.  Now I will go bake up a batch of no knead bread so I have something to spread the pate on...


  1. ooooo! what a great spread. can't wait to hear how the pate is.

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