Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TV No Longer On Milk Crate

I think this is a pretty self explanatory title.  After many months I finally buckled down and got a tv stand from Ikea.  It's kind of crazy how I'm actually really fond of Ikea furniture, I know I'm not supposed to, but the slightly higher end items really fit into my personal aesthetic well.  I'd have to spend far more monies at little boutiques to get the same things I think.  Here are some before and after pictures for maximum contrast.

Before: TV on milk crate, DVD player on floor, crazy mess of wires

After: A piece of proper furniture housing TV and DVD player and hiding wires from view

I really like it.  Not only does it offer extra storage (always a plus) but the white goes well with the white frames of the windows and french doors (not shown).  Very pleasing!


  1. oh it's looks awesome! love it.

  2. wow that was a long time coming. what does the milk crate do now?

  3. oh the milk crate is now acting as a shelf in my craft closet