Friday, May 6, 2011

Portland Farmer's Market at PSU (Late Post)

Oops!  I took a picture last Saturday after I got my groceries home and then forgot all about posting.  I didn't buy very much, but since I had a lot of bulgogi and kimchi left and since Wednesday I ate all of my meals with our postdoc candidate, I didn't do a very good job of finishing up my groceries.  Not to mention, I was finishing up the giant bunch of parsley and chives I got the previous week (most of it went into noodle soups, but I'm sorry to say a lot of the chives have wilted).  Tomorrow's visit to the farmer's market will therefore be pretty light I think.

Purple Kale: $2.25
Green Kale: $2.25
Duck and Porcini Pate: $7
Spring Raab: $2.50
Fuji Apples and Red Anjou Pears: $5.40

Total: $19.40

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