Saturday, May 7, 2011

Portland Farmer's Market at PSU

Beets: $2
Shiitake Mushroom Bag: $5
Fuji Apples: $5.10
Farmhouse Gouda Cheese: $4.46

Total: $16.56

Ok I'm back on track with these!  I really meant to spend only on fruit today because I still have some vegetables in the fridge but I couldn't resist picking up a few more things.  And in truth, I am growing rather tired of kale.  Unfortunately, my regular fruit people were not around today so I had to buy my apples from a pricier stand.  The apples are bigger, but they were also $1.99 per pound.  We will see how they taste.  And the shiitakes were so beautiful that I had to snap up a bag when I walked by them.  As for the beets, I justified their purchase  by reasoning that the leaves were also edible...


  1. what do you do with beet leaves?

  2. oh i looked this up and it seems that i can just sautee them with some garlic and olive oil and then splash a bit of balsamic vinegar in. i'm going to try this out tonight.

  3. what do they taste like? What if they taste soapy or bitter? I'm just sayin'