Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scrapbook Page: Garden Notes

Papers from Shabby Princess, Elements from Shabby Princess and Persnickety Prints
Ok well, I guess I spoke too soon.  Sometimes a girl needs a break and this particular girl likes to fall back on her hobbies in those times.  Since many of my layouts are multi-page, I needed some single page non-event layouts sprinkled throughout to fill in gaps.  I love taking pictures and have many interests so this should not be too difficult.  "Garden Notes" will be a regular gap filler as well as "Tony the Cat" "New Recipes" "Portland Living" and various craft-related things.  These are things I want to include in the scrapbook anyway so it's great they will have another useful purpose.  For my 2011 cover page, I'm currently thinking about making a giant composite of all my farmer's market produce pictures.  The PSU market ends mid-December so by the end of the year I should have a whole bunch and it'll be one cohesive topic.

For this Garden Notes, I learned how to make rounded corners in my photos.  I used a great tutorial from Matt Thommes and it couldn't be easier.  I really like the vintage-y, slightly faded  look of the papers and would like to find more little elements.  I'll have to look around a bit and see if I can find some pushpin/nail/thumb-tack elements because they would look great here (Update: found 'em!). 


  1. Are you sure this is a NEW hobby? These are seriously gorgeous - you got so good so fast! You should be on a CT!

  2. Thank you so much! I think 5 years of making posters for grad school helped some, haha. I like making pages with lots of photos but would like to be able to make simpler, more artistic pages featuring a single photo too...that seems a lot trickier to me though. I have this one picture of Tony I'd love to showcase.

  3. OMG digital scrapbooking! Actually I have to confess, I have yet to make my wedding album and I have decided to do it this summer... on our 4 year anniversary (unbelievable). Anyway, LOVE THIS ONE! Great typeface and texture choices.