Saturday, June 4, 2011

This and That, Mostly Gardening

This was last week's farmer's marketing; I didn't go today because I'm leaving on Tuesday for Cold Spring Harbor Labs and will be gone for 3 weeks.  I have now forgotten how much everything cost, except the eggs, which were definitely $6, because that's how much the eggs always are.  I do enjoy them a lot.  After getting these I did a comparison with store eggs (did I mention this here yet?) and decided the taste of these pricey eggs was better.  Those sugar snap peas ended up being monstrously delicious, nom nom.

Today was the hottest day ever (85F), which was a rather nice change.  Last weekend I didn't manage to get many errands done because it was so gloomy rainy out so I got most of that out of the way today.  The main thing was getting a set of spare keys made for my neighbor, who will be watching Tony and the plants while I'm away.  At the hardware store (I do love hardware stores and the one nearish to me is a wonderful one even though it is pricey), I bought a large dark red watering can.  It is completely enchanting and if it wasn't getting dark already I'd take a picture of it to post.  I revamped my little balcony garden recently, pulling out (and eating) all of the lettuces since the intermittent hot days were making them sad.  Today the nasturtiums came up too; I was sorry I never got any flowers from them and will try them out again this Fall.  According to my gardening book, they also dislike the heat (which seems odd to me since they are spicy).  I am extremely happy about the three little strawberries growing though.  Here are two of them:

So the boxes are looking quite tidy now and I've transplanted the basil babies into the newly emptied spots and placed some chives seeds here and there.  Oh I pulled that giant radish plant out even though there was not much radish yet because it was kind of hogging the entire box.  It's not like I adore radishes or anything you know.  There are still three little radish plants in the box and I sprinkled some new thyme seeds in that spot (my little thyme plant died when I went to San Diego, it was unfortunate).  Thyme >> radishes.  I shall cook up the leaves tonight and see how they taste.

There is currently a marching band playing outside my window (at least that's what it sounds like).  From google, I found out that tonight is the Starlight Run and Parade.  I actually totally prefer watching these things on TV instead of in person, especially if there is extreme weather going on (weather outside the range of 65-75 is 'extreme' in my opinion).  I make exceptions only for fireworks and bands I like.  So far, nothing I  see on TV compels me to venture outside...

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  1. the strawberries are so cute! sorry to hear about the thyme