Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too Much For One Post!

I've been in quite a tizzy all day.  My sister sent me an email this morning at 7:45am to tell me she was having real contractions so I spent the rest of the day, talking to my mom and my sister on the phone, in between squiring Ferret around the city.  My day went something like this:

Talk to my sister on the phone.
Go to First Republic Bank so Ferret could take out some cash (fresh cookies were available for all so naturally I grabbed one).
Talk to my mom on the phone.
Go to Public Domain to read and drink cappuccinos.
Text my friend about baby.
Go to Stumptown to buy coffee beans.
Talk to my mom again on phone.
Go to Peem Keaw (spelling?) for lunch.
Talk to mom.
Walk to Trader Joe and Sterling Coffee for more cappuccino and reading.  Talk to mom and sister.
Accompany Ferret to airport.
Talk to Ryan on phone.
Finally return home, continue talking to family members.

The suspense is killing me!  My sister is pushing now apparently and hopefully the baby will arrive within the hour.  All in all, being in labor sounds awful.  Oh hang on, my mom is calling.

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  1. Oh how exciting and yes, awful! Hope all goes well with the baby. I'm sure you are just tickled to have a new niece. Is that an almond crossaint on the table? Yum.