Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Planning Over Morning Coffee

Summer turns to Fall rather quickly in Portland since I have been wearing jackets outdoors the last few days and am missing the sun.  As I mull over potential Fall resolutions, I am also accumulating a little pile of things destined for Goodwill and making a mental inventory of things to purchase in the coming year.  As usual the focus is on my closet.  A few years ago, I had the terrible habit of buying things simply because they were on sale.  I'm not the biggest fan of shopping so these trips were infrequent, but the cumulative effect over years gave me a closet full of things I never ever wore, either because the style was off or the fit was off.  So maybe two years ago, when I was approaching 30, I took stock and did a major purge and have been more thoughtful about shopping ever since.  There were some things I held onto for sentimental value (hand me downs from my mom when she was my age, actually younger!), and these things I have been considering this week.  I would never donate these items, but anything I am deleting will go back to California with me next week.

Yesterday I put on this blue shirt and decided that actually I love it.  I suspect the material is synthetic, but it's remarkably well-made and fits pretty nicely.  Today I will wander around in a burgundy-ish velvety blazer that I used to wear all the time in college (update: nevermind, today is not blazer-day).  As part of my critical sweep, I am also taking inventory of my shoes and find that: 1) I have one pair of black flats that are comfy but not particularly stylish and 2) I have one pair of black flats that are more stylish but not particularly comfortable.  Naturally I wear #1 all the time but today I will give #2 a whirl and it will go out if it does not pass muster.  On my "to shop" list then, I think I need to add a pair of black flats that is both comfortable and stylish.  The goal for this week then is to try to wear such little-worn items and make assessments and decisions.

I like clothes but I don't like having a lot of clothes and shopping is often frustrating - how to reconcile all of these things is beyond me, but that is an ongoing process.  Ideally I would have a few perfect uniforms for each season, feel good about it and not have to bother much about it all for several years.

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  1. Comfortable and stylish black flats are on the top of my list, too! Actually, my feet starts to hurt if they are really flat so I need at least a 1 inch heel.