Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ferret's Cozies

After some badgering by Ferret, I produced this cell phone cozy by adapting the Technicolor cozy pattern from Stitch n Bitch. His cell phone was teensy weensy so I cast on 14 stitches and then knitted in stockinette stitch until it was long enough to fold over and cover the phone and bound off two stitches on each side (leaving ten stitches) and continued knitting until I had enough for a flap. The button here is decorative, the flap is held closed with velcro. I kind of dislike the velcro because it is forever catching on to the yarn so for the goggle cozy I made two buttonholes and the flap actually closes with buttons!For this cozy, I cast on 28 stitches in the same yarn (Berroco Comfort, worsted weight, 50% superfine nylon, 50% superfine acrylic: I don't really like this yarn b/c it splits easily and fuzzes up quite quickly) and carried on as before. For the flap though, I made a little border in seed stitch to prevent curling of the edges. I used the instructions from here to make the buttonholes. They came out quite pretty (honestly, my second was much prettier than my first) and better yet, they are functional. No more sticky velcro.


  1. They are both so cute, esp the first one because I love big buttons.

  2. the second one is cuter because it looks like a monster! like oogie-boogie from NBC.

  3. heehee, the second one is a goggly eyed monster (for goggles).