Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hobbies Include Cat and Food

When I went to Uwajimaya with lab-friend a while back I made sure to acquire some seaweed wrap and frozen eel for future sushi-making. The future came last night and I had an easy and tasty dinner using recipe and methods from my previous post here. I wish there was a way for the wrapper to stay fresh and crispy instead of rapidly turning soggy and chewy, but I guess there's no avoiding this with homemade sushi. Next time I think I will add a smidge less salt to the rice bc the eel is already salty. I've already eaten a few pieces for breakfast this morning, oops.

And here is everyone's favorite cat, lounging on Martha Stewart's quilt.

And finally, last night I took the plunge (not really a plunge because it wasn't like I was at all hesitant or anything) and bought 5 packets of seeds from seeds of change. Even though I had sage and thyme seeds already, I left them at Bunny's house a year ago and she stored them improperly outdoors where they all got soggy, so I doubt they will be any good to me now. So I bought more sage and english thyme, some cilantro seeds that are supposed to be slow to bolt, genovese sweet basil and catnip (so I can make some toys for the little cat). I still have to buy some pots and planters and things to set up in my balcony, but I think I will have a lot of space to grow what I want to this year if I make full use of the balcony fence. After I come back from the conference next week I will take the plunge (this is used properly here because I'm feeling ick but also excited about this) and buy some red wrigglers for my compost bin. With any luck I'll have usable compost by the summer!

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